March 20, 2020 Click to see Fact sheet provided by GRF Rec Dept.
March 20, 2020 Click to see Food Sources handout provided by GRF Rec Dept.


* * * Bylaw-Committee-Revisions-Final * * *
On Jan 21, 2020 the Board requested the following posting of the proposed new bylaws as drafted by the Bylaws Committee for the review of Mutual 14 Shareholders prior to a vote on them at the Annual Meeting in May.

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* Finalized Mutual 14 Rules and Regulations *

On Jan 21, 2020 the Board adopted Rules and Regulations TO REPLACE all current policies.

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Important COVID-19 Information – Click links below to read documents.
FAQ (frequently asked questions) document and Food Resources.Seal Beach PD – Help prevent the spread of COVID-19
Annual Elections Postponed
The annual elections have been postponed 60 days.
April BOD Meeting Postponed
The April meeting has been postponed.
03/17/2020 – Click for March 17, 2020 Board Meeting Agenda (Canceled)
03/13/2020 – Click for February 18, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
To have your event listed here, send your info to:
Cancelled 03/17/20 – Next Monthly Board Meeting – CH 5 – conference room B – 1 p.m Meeting begins. Gentlemen are requested to remove all head coverings before entering the meeting room.
04/02/2020 President’s Council – CH4 – 9:00 am.
Seal Beach Mutual Fourteen
May 24, 2019
GRF Staff Roster and Phone #s
March, 2020
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A new Occupancy Agreement for Mutual 14 went into effect on 10/1/2019.
It is ONLY for those who become shareholders in M-14 after that date.
All other shareholders are covered by the one that they signed when they became such.
Click for the new Occupancy Agreement
Following an recent incident in which a Mutual shareholder who lives was injured fall and had no help for days the Board of Directors is being pro active suggests you carefully read this article: target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> Top Ten Things To Do If You Live Alone – Click here
2. and this info: HELP -Click here
The board on August 16, 2016 in an attempt to secure voluntary compliance with the mutual governing documents approved the following fine schedule.
Click for 7585.14 Fine Schedule
Arrangements have been made for GRF Service Maintenance to clean ALL SKYLIGHTS. If you desire to have yours cleaned, just call Service Maintenance directly. You will be billed at the rate of $43 per hour. DO NOT CALL HANDYMEN OR OTHER PRIVATE PARTIES.
A permit will now be required when replacing a floor of any type except carpeting. Your contractor can get a permit at the Physical Properties Office. This is to ensure that all flooring work is done correctly and it is for your benefit.

Welcome to your Mutual 14 website!

Thank you for visiting!  On behalf of the Mutual 14 Board of Directors, welcome to our Mutual 14 website.  Feel free to explore the many features available on the site.

The purpose of the website is to improve communications and allow residents to quickly and easily find information about the happenings within our Mutual.  The site will only be as good as we make it, so please contribute any feedback you think would be helpful and let us know what would make the site more useful to you.


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An important message for you and your caregiver. Click here.
More info about you and your caregiver. Click here.
An important message for you and your dog. Click here.
DO NOT USE A-1 Appliance Repair. Due to an overcharge to one of our shareholders by them, the Mutual 14 Board has banned them from working in our mutual.


good to remember

Some disturbing news about shareholders experiences in Mutual 11 following the most recent fire there.

Some shareholders when alerted to the fire danger immediately exited their building with the expectation that they would go back later to retrieve their grab bags and important papers. Their building was quickly red tagged and they were not allowed to re enter their building and retrieve anything. At our mutual meeting a suggestion was made that the storage area in the carport is not likely to be affected in an emergency and thus is a good place to store copies of insurance papers, drivers licenses etc. as well as a grab and go bag so that one would have access to more than just the “shirt on his back” following an event.

Mutual-11 Fire Photos and what they are recommending. All Shareholders should know what happened and how to prepare should this happen to you.

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Directors Code of Conduct Click here.
Carport Rental Form Click here.
Temporary Parking Permit Click here.


Here are photos taken at the Mutual 2019 Picnic